Building a Social Media Conversion Funnel

Have you recently set up a business or looking to expand your venture? If you have been yearning to attract and retain more visitors but don’t know where to start from, think about developing a strong social media conversion funnel. Here’s a beginner’s guide.

Your business may already be attracting customers via your social media presence. What a conversion funnel does is to make that process more intentional and effective. This blog explains ways to tweak your funnel to help guide your visitors from awareness to engagement to conversion, which means more sales!

What is a social media funnel?

A social media funnel is a pathway by which you attract visitors to your website or service. The idea of a funnel here is to guide the audience in a particular direction, leading them to an eventual conversion.

What do we mean here by conversion? It’s when a visitor on your web page performs an action that you desired and set up accordingly.

The top of the funnel is content creation or awareness. This is the content that attracts and retains customers and can include blog posts, videos or other formats. From the top of the funnel, we next tackle engagement or retention. This is more interactive and could include asking your visitor to fill in a form, enter their email ID or provide suggestions. That’s how you slowly draw them in, using a funnel approach.

Use channels that are already being used or have been created for this purpose.

First of all, you have to prioritise the channels that your visitors may already be using, or the channels that you know are popular and effective with conversion for your particular business. This depends on the type of business you run. If you sell flowers, chocolates or make customized stationery, a platform like Instagram or Pinterest might be more suitable for you.

Pick your tools wisely, and use them well.

There are many tools available that can make the process easier and more effective for you. Facebook’s targeted list advertising is a feature that only a few know about. Facebook actually allows you to customise your target audience. Facebook’s power editor feature allows you to target an audience based on email addresses or phone numbers instead of Facebook’s traditional algorithms. Another option is to redesign your landing page or the part of your website which first brings your customer to you. It should be well optimised with a particular goal in mind.

Work through iterations and remain flexible.

Building a social media funnel does not end at creating different channels. You have to measure the impact or how much each channel is being used and analyse whether or not customers are following through till the end.

Moreover, bottlenecks in your funnel will slow you down and prevent the funnel from converting. Excessive focus on one part can cause problems elsewhere. We shall now explain to you how to monitor the activity through your funnel, which can help you with the issues we just mentioned.

Analyse the effectiveness of your funnel.

You can analyse the effectiveness of your funnel by looking at certain social media metrics. You can measure metrics like number of clicks on Facebook ads, Twitter ads, engagement with social media posts, number of email/newsletter subscribers, number of subscribers who opened your email and more.

Use a URL Shortener to know where your traffic is coming from. You can also track your customer from one step to another, to know where you lost them and figure out strategies to retain them at that point.

Finally, the key to a good social media conversion funnel is to rinse and repeat. Try different permutations and combinations of your strategies and then test them out to know which one gives you the best results. This could mean experimenting with your social media posts, the kinds of advertisements or the target audience that you are trying to engage your content with.

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